2018 Ford Expedition: Nobody’s Laughing Now

Well, it looks like people are finally taking Ford seriously now. When Ford first announce that they Ford F-150 was going to be made into an aluminum model, a lot of people question whether Ford decision to do was the right decision or not.

GM’s ads showing how soft the Ford F-150 truck bed is did not helped either but things ended up working out for Ford and their Ford F-150. Now that Ford has made it clear that going aluminum is not the worse thing that could have happen to a model, they are looking to start upgraded some of the other Ford models as well.

It has been reported that the Ford Expedition will be the next Ford model to get the aluminum upgrade. The upgrade should help reduce the weight of the expedition as well as improve the fuel economy and performance of the Ford Expedition but some people are worried that the change meant that it would now come with a bigger price tag.

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