2018 Ford Expedition: Nobody’s Laughing Now

Ford did have a hard time convincing the consumers that going aluminum was not the wrong move for their Ford F-150. It also did not help that GM was making fun of the F-150 for being the softest truck in the market.

However, Ford managed to proof that they knew what they were doing and the Ford F-150 despite all its changes, was a great success. Now that Ford is sure people will be fine with their aluminum upgrade, it seems like they are ready to move on to the next model.

It has been reported that Ford is also looking to give the Ford Expedition an aluminum upgrade. Not only will the upgrade help reduce the weight of the vehicle but it should also help improve the performance and the fuel economy of the Ford Expedition.

There was some concern over the price since the upgrade is not going to come cheap but some believe that the high retail price of the Ford Expedition will be more than enough to cover the cost of the upgrade.

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