2018 Ford Expedition Looking To Follow F-150 Ways

Now that Ford has managed to make it clear that going aluminum is not the worst thing to do for their models, people should be more excepting of the 2018 Ford Expedition when it arrives.

A lot of people were not too happy when Ford first announce that they will be using aluminum to build the Ford F-150. In fact, they were teased for being the softest truck in the market but Ford got the last laugh when they prove that their Ford F-150 is still one of the best truck out there.

Now that the people have slowly excepted the fact that aluminum might not be the worst, it looks like Ford is ready to offer a second aluminum made model, the Ford Expedition.

While this would help improve the performance and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Some people were worried that going aluminum would lead to the expedition coming in with a bigger price tag since it cost a lot to switch to aluminum.

Since the retail price for the Expedition is pretty high to start with. Some poeple believe that Ford will be able to offset the cost without increasing the price of the Expedition.

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