2018 Ford Expedition: F-150 Will Be Leading The Way

A lot of people were not too happy when Ford first announce that the Ford F-150 will be coming with an aluminum truck bed. Most people assume that since aluminum is not as strong, the new Ford F-150 will be too soft now but Ford proved them wrong.

Now that it is clear that having an aluminum bed does not affect the functionality of the Ford F-150, Ford is more than ready to take the next step and that is to have more of their models fitted with aluminum parts.

It has been reported that the upcoming Ford Expedition might also be coming in with the same aluminum upgrade. The switch to aluminum should help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and thus improve its performance and fuel economy.

One of the main concern right now is that the aluminum upgrade would affect the retail price of the Expedition but it is said that the Expedition asking price is high enough that they will be able to cover the cost without raising the price of the vehicle.

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