2018 Ford Expedition: F-150 Might Have The Answer

Some people were a little skeptical with Ford’s decision to use aluminum to build their Ford F-150 but things turn out just right for Ford and it looks like they plan to expand their aluminum plan to include the Ford F-150 as well.

It is believed that Ford is working to reduce the overall weather of the Ford Expedition and the way they are going to do it is to use aluminum to build the Ford Expedition just like what they did with the Ford F-150.

By replacing some parts with aluminum, the lighter Ford Expedition should be able to have an improve fuel economy as well as performance. However, some people are worried that this could also lead to the Expedition coming in with a bigger price tag.

It is said that since the Expedition has a high asking price, Ford will be able to offset all the additional cost needed to switch it to aluminum which means the retail price should remain the same.

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