2018 Ford Expedition: F-150 Made It Easier

It would have been a big issue now if the Ford F-150 had not made the aluminum transition. F-150 fans were not too happy when Ford first announce that the Ford F-150 will be built using aluminum but Ford proves that they knew what they were doing and now, the Ford F-150 is one of the top trucks in the market right now.

Now that they have successfully made the transition with the Ford F-150, it looks like Ford is ready to move on to the next model and it will be the 2018 Ford Expedition. The aluminum upgrade will help significantly reduce the weight of the car and in return, the vehicle should be more fuel efficient and powerful now.

While most people seems to be fine with the aluminum upgrade, some people are worried that the upgrade will mean that the Ford Expedition will cost now since the upgrade is not going to be cheap but the asking price of the Ford Expedition should be enough to balance things out.

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