2018 Ford Expedition Aluminum No Longer A Joke

The Ford F-150 was made fun of when Ford first announce that they will be building it using aluminum but nobody is going to laugh at the Ford Expedition when it comes with the same aluminum upgrade.

Automakers and consumers were very skeptical when Ford first announce that they were going to build their Ford F-150 using aluminum. GM even came out with an ad that made fun of the soft aluminum bed that the F-150 will be fitted with.

However, Ford showed all of them who is the boss at the end of the day. The Ford F-150 ended up being lighter, more fuel efficient and tougher than we think and people were soon impressed with the changes that Ford made to the truck.

According to some of the new reports, the Ford Expedition will also be getting a similar aluminum upgrades. While we do not know how this is going to affect the model when it arrives, some people believe that the upgrade could mean that the Expedition will now come with a bigger price tag.

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