2018 Ford Bronco: Will It Be A Deja Vu Moment?

Ford has already announced that the Ford Bronco is going to happen. We also know that the new Ford Bronco will be build base on the Ford Ranger model that Ford will be offering in the US. So will the new Bronco make us feel like we have already seen it in the past?

The Ford Bronco is not the only SUV in the market that is built base on the Ford Ranger. In Australia, Ford also has a Ranger-based SUV called the Ford Everest and some people think that the Bronco will end up looking just like the Everest.

While it is not a bad thing, we were hoping that the Bronco will be a fresh new model. Luckily, that will not be happening. According to Ford, the Ford Bronco will be coming in with a shortened version of the T6 platform which means it will not be adopting the same design features.

The Ford Bronco will be built alongside the Ford Ranger at the Michigan plant.

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