2018 Ford Bronco Will Deliver Mustang’s Killing Blow

Things are definitely not looking too good at the side of Ford. The automaker was forced to close down their plants for a few weeks so that they can balance out their inventory and one of the plants that were closed down was the Ford Mustang plant.

The sales for muscle cars in general has been dropping and now that people slowly getting over the excitement of seeing the newly design Ford Mustang, the sales have slowed down significantly and that will only get worst when the new Ford Bronco arrives.

Fans have been begging Ford to bring the Ford Bronco back for the longest time now and you can bet that people will be all over it when it finally arrives. All the attention will be shifted towards the Ford Bronco and that cannot be good for the Ford Mustang and we don’t think there is anything Ford can do about it.

It looks like it might be time for the Mustang to step down from the throne.

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