2018 Ford Bronco To Kick Mustang Off Stage

Even since Ford introduces the Ford Mustang with its new design, the muscle car has been getting a lot of attention but things have definitely started to slow down for them and the arrival of the Ford Bronco is only going to make things worst.

Ford has revealed that they will be bringing back the Ford Bronco. The SUV will be built based on the Ford Ranger and it will be coming in to compete with SUVs like the Jeep Wrangler.

Fans have been begging Ford to bring the SUV back for years now and now that Ford is going to bring it back, you can bet that it will be getting a lot of attention. That might be nice for the Bronco but the Mustang will be getting even less attention.

Ford have already ordered their plant to stop the Mustang production for a few weeks so that they can clear up their stock first. It is believed that things will only get worst from there.

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