2018 Ford Bronco: Sample Already Out There

After years of being out of the market, Ford is finally ready to bring the Bronco back. According to Ford, the new Ford Bronco will be build based on the Ford Ranger. Does that mean that we will be getting a Ford Everest clone?

Even though the Ford Ranger was taken out of the US, the vehicle was still very popular in market like Australia and on top of the Ranger, they too had a Ranger-based SUV called the Ford Everest and some people believe that the Everest will be the model that we will be getting but instead of the Everest badge, it will be given a Bronco badge.

While it is true that both those SUV will be based on the Ford Ranger, they are both different model. Unlike the Ford Everest, the Ford Bronco will be riding on a shortened version of the T6 platform which means it is going to be very different from what the Ford Everest is.

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