2018 Ford Bronco: Ranger Design Will Not Surprise

Ford Bronco fans have been waiting for the arrival of the new Ford Bronco ever since Ford brought out a concept of it a few years ago and now that Ford has announced that it will be happening, all eyes will be on the new Ford Bronco.

According to Ford, the new Ford Bronco will be build based on the Ford Ranger and that it will be produced at the same Michigan plant. The question now is how the Bronco will look like.

While some people think that the Bronco will come with a brand new boxy design, other think that the new Ford Bronco will end up looking like the Ford Everest that Ford is currently offering in Australia.

The Ford Everest was also an SUV that is based on the Ford Ranger. However, instead of coming with the same platform as the Everest, we know that the Ford Bronco will be riding on a shortened version of the T6 platform which means it will definitely not be an exact copy of the Everest.

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