2018 Ford Bronco: Mustang Kick To The Curb?

The Ford Mustang enjoy all the attention when it was released a few years ago but people’s interest in the muscle car has significantly dropped and things will only go from bad to worst once the Ford Bronco arrives.

People are already pushing muscle cars like the Ford Mustang aside and with Ford revealing their plans to release a new Ford Bronco based on the Ford Ranger, things will not be getting any better for the Ford Mustang.

Ford had to stop the production plant for a few weeks to keep the production numbers low as the sales number continues to drop. To be fair, the Mustang plant was not the only plant that was shut down temporarily.

Some people believe that when the Ford Bronco arrives, all eyes will be on the Ford Bronco and that people will soon forget that the Mustang even exist. What do you think?

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