2018 Buick Regal Could Leave Audi A4 Dazed

The Audi A4 has always been one of the top models in its segment but with all the updates that Buick is making on their upcoming Buick Regal, Audi might want to watch out.

While we still haven seen what Buick plans to do with the Regal, we have already seen a fair share of Opel Insignia spy shots. Since the Opel Insignia is basically the Buick Regal here in the US, we would be seeing the Regal come with a similar upgrade.

Based on what we can see now, the Regal should be coming with a cleaner exterior design. That’s not all, spies have also spotted Opel tested out the wagon version and with Buick trademarking the same Regal TourX, some people believe that the Wagon will make it over as well.

We know that Buick already has a huge advantage thanks to its smaller price tag but these upgrade should also give it an even bigger advantage.

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