2018 Audi S8 Spied Without Its Signature Grille

It is hard to imagine that Audi would actually willingly give up their honeycomb grille so it was a surprise when the Audi S8 stepped out without the signature grille.

However, seeing as how heavily covered the test model was, most people seems to think that the missing grille was just part of their camouflage. There is not much to see in the spy shots since it was well covered but it is believed that the Audi S8 could be ditching the 4.0-liter engine when it arrives.

There is speculation that we could be seeing the Audi S8 with a 2.0 liter V6 engine that will be delivering about 440hp. The engine is not bad but seeing as the current S8 is also offering about 520hp or 600hp on the Performance model, 440hp is a little too little for the Audi S8.

The new Audi S8 should be making its debut late next year. You can check out the spy shots here.


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