2018 Audi A6, A7 & A8 Trickster Days Are Over

The one thing that Audi has been doing wrong is offering all their models the same design. The design they had to offer were not bad but people were having a hard time separating their models from one another.

Well, after years of being teased, Audi has finally decided to give their models a full makeover and this time, the vehicle will all be getting a design of their own. The Audi A7 will be given a new sporty design this time around. The new design is inspired by the racing yacht which means we can expect to see the A7 with sleeker lines and a more sporty looking body. The front will also be fitted with a smaller grille.

The Audi A6 will also be fitted with a new design. On top of that, the Audi A6 will also be fitted with a new all-touchscreen interface.

Another model that will also be getting a new design is the Audi A8. The A8 will also be fitted with additional driver assist features like park pilot system, intelligence system as well as the traffic jam pilot system.

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