2017 Volvo XC90 Won’t Keep You Tuck In

The Volvo XC90 safety rating suggest that it is one of the safest models in the market right now but it is not.

Volvo has just announced that they will be recalling both the Volvo XC90 and the S90 model after it was discovered that there might be some issue with the seat belt of the driver.

According to AP, the buckle stud on the XC90 and S90 has the tendency to come loose. If that happen, the buckle will separate itself from the bracket and the seatbelt will fail to hold the driver back in an accident.

The affected models will be called in to get their buckle replace for free. Volvo’s goal was to have nobody injured or killed in a Volvo vehicle by 2020 as part of their Volvo Vision 2020 but that will not happen of their vehicles comes with issues like this.

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