2017 Volvo XC90 Not As Safe As We Think

The Volvo XC90 aced most of its crash test but it looks like the new Volvo XC90 might not be as safe as we thought it is. Volvo issued a recall to recall back the Volvo XC90 as well as the S90 model.

According to Associated Press, the recall was issued due to the unsafe seat belts. It has been reported that the issue is with the buckle stud attached to the seatbelts. The buckle stud might come loose which could lead to the buckle separating from the bracket. If that happens, the driver’s seatbelt might fail and would not be able to protect the driver in an event of a crash.

This recall is going to hamper Volvo’s goal to achieve the Volvo Vision 2020 which is to have nobody injured or killed in the new Volvo models. Models like the XC60 as well as V60 might also be affected by the issue. To fix, Volvo will be replacing the buckle of the seat belt free of charge.

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