2017 Volkswagen Tiguan LWB: US Got The Shorter End Of The Stick

We all saw how the new LWB Volkswagen Tiguan will look like in China when Volkswagen unveiled in there. Volkswagen also announced that the LWB will be heading to the US but if you think the US model will look just like the one in China, you will be disappointed.

Not only will the long wheelbase Volkswagen Tiguan be getting a slight face makeover, the upgrade we will be getting here in the US will feel more like a downgrade.

Soon after the LWB Volkswagen Tiguan was spotted in the US, fans started commenting on how much worse the Tiguan looks now. Most of them also commented that they would rather have the Chinese model.

It is believed that the long-wheelbase Volkswagen Tiguan for the global market will be manufactured in their Mexico plant and that it will be arriving as a 2017 model or a 2018 model.

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