2017 Toyota Prius Prime: Not Worth The Price?

Toyota has just revealed the price tag for the new Toyota Prius Prime. If we were to look at the price tag alone, it feels like the Toyota Prius might not be worth the price but is that really the case.

According to Toyota, the new Toyota Prius Prime will be coming in with a $27,950 price tag which is slightly more pricey than the base Toyota Prius model which retails for $24,685 right now but that does not mean that the Prius Prime is not worth getting.

Although it is more expensive on paper, we also have to take into consideration the federal tax credit. Unlike the standard Toyota Prius model, the Toyota Prius Prime actually qualifies for the federal tax credit of $4500 and since they both comes with a similar mpg figure, the Prius Prime ends up being the better option at the end of the day.

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