2017 Toyota Prius: Forced To Pollute The Air?

Toyota has been working to reduce the emission rate of their Prus to reduce the air pollution caused by automobiles and the new US ruling will mean that EV powered vehicles will be forced to create more pollution.

Instead of polluting the air with toxic fumes, EV powered vehicle will be forced to pollute the air with noise as the federal government announced that all electric and hybrid cars will have to emit sound sort of artificial sound when they are below a certain speed.

The new ruling was added so that pedestrian will know when there is an electric car nearby. It is said that 2400 pedestrians are injured each year due to electric vehicles being too silent.

We do not know what sound NHTSA wants the vehicles to make but the main point is that they won’t be silent anymore. Do you think this is the right solution to the problem?

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