2017 Toyota 86 Upgraded Suspension & Brakes Is Like Salt To Wounds

While it is nice to hear that Toyota is actually going to upgrade the 2017 Toyota 86 so that it will get a stiffer suspension and a set of Brembo brakes, these upgrades are just not what their fans have been waiting for.

Some of the biggest problems Toyota has seems to have with the Toyota 86 is its engine. Some consumers are saying that the Toyota 86 is in need of a new engine that will a little more torque and is willing to rev mode. Other said that the torque curved on the vehicle needs to be fixed. All in all, it looks like the suspension and the brakes was never really the issue here.

Some fans were hoping that we might see a turbo engine under the hood but we also know that Subaru has made it clear that the Subaru BRZ will not be getting a turbo engine option which means the Toyota 86 will probably have the same fate.

Steven Estevez

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