2017 Toyota 86: Return Shortly After Release

Toyota has just only released the 2017 Toyota 86 and now they are issuing a recall to bring some of the models back. According to the report, Toyota will be forced to recall the 2017 Toyota 86 that was fitted with the automatic transmission unit.

It has been reveal that the automatic transmission key interlock on the vehicle may not have been connected. This will result in the car possibly rolling away when parked.

Without the connectors, the vehicle will allow the user to remove the keys from the car even though the gear is not set to Park. The affected models will be connected by mail starting next year. In the meantime, 86 drivers might want to make sure that their gear is set to park before they get out.

A total of 94 models will be affected by the recall. Those recalled will be getting their vehicles checked. If the connector has not been connected, Toyota will fix it for free.

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