2017 Tesla Model S: Nothing Gets Cheaper

It might sound like Tesla is doing a favor for their Tesla Model S 60 owners b reducing the price of the 75 upgrade but in reality, the Model S 60 driver will still be losing out.

Customers can choose to own a Tesla Model S 60 or the Model S 75. While both models will come with a 75kWh battery, the Model S 60 model will have a shorter driving range and lower top speed as the software will prevent it from making full use of the battery pack.

Those that feel like they need a little more and choose to upgrade to 75 but the update will cost them $9000. To encourage more of their Model S 60 owners to upgrade, Tesla is not reducing the upgrade cost by $2000 which means it will only cost $7000 to upgrade the Model S right now.

As nice as that sounds, we also need to remember that the Tesla Model S 75 is only $6.500 more expensive than the Tesla Model S 60. So if you are a new buyer, the better option will be to go for the Model S 75 model instead of the Model S 60 and then choosing to upgrade it later on.

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