2017 Tesla Model S: Don’t Drive Until New Year Arrives

Tesla has officially announce that they will be offering the full autonomy hardware on all their Tesla model starting now. That means any of the Tesla models that they build now will come with all the new tech needed for the fullautonomy system.
That will include eight surround cameras, twelve updated ultrasonic sensors, forward facing radar and a new onboard computer to sort out all those data. The first few models to come with these new hardwares will be the Model S and Model X and you can already purchase one now.

However, you want to be extra careful if you receive the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X before December 2016. Since Tesla is still trying to re-program their autopilot software to work with the new hardware, those models with the new hardware will come without certain safety features.

According to Tesla, safety features like active cruise control, lane holding, collision warning as well as auto emergency braking will not be available temporarily.

Those features will be made available once more in December 2016.

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