2017 Tesla Model S Doesn’t Want EV Buyers

The Tesla Model S might be great EV models but it certainly does not feel like their main target is the EV buyers.

The Tesla Model S is considered more of a luxury model than an EV model and at times, it feels like Tesla is trying to convince people that it is a great luxury car that happens to run on electric instead of it being an electric powered vehicle that happens to come with tons of luxury features.

The luxury EV model is so appealing to the luxury car buyers that the Model S manage to beat some of the top luxury models in the market like the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class as well as the Audi A8.

It has been reported that the third quarter sales for the Tesla Model S were 59% better than their sales at the same time last year. That shows how far Tesla has come and how successful they are at convincing people that their luxury Model S is the way of the future.

Steven Estevez

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