2017 Subaru WRX STi Just Can’t Keep Up

The Subaru WRX Sti might have gotten teased for getting weak but there is no denying that the Subaru WRX STi is still pretty popular right now. However, if they are so popular, why is the sales numbers show that things are slowing down for the Subaru WRX STi.

According to Torque News, the sales of the Subaru WRX STi went down in July. The same thing happens back in May although things improved a little the following month but why is that happening.

Well, it is believed that the drop in sales might have some to do with the supply and demand of the Subaru WRX STi. The WRX and WRX STi are all produced at their Gunma Factory Japan before getting shipped all over the world and it is said that with so little plant working on the WRX STi, Subaru is having a hard time keeping up with the demands.

Things should start improving some the plant expansion is done in Lafayette, Indiana.

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