2017 Samsung Galaxy A8 Will Have You Staring As Well

Smartphones makers have been beefing up the security of their smartphones with features like a fingerprint sensor and now Samsung is taking things up a notch by fitting on a new iris scanner but it looks like the top range Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not the only Samsung to have a better security system.

According to Samsung, the iris scanner is not just there for unlocking devices. They added that they are hoping the iris scanner will work just like the fingerprint sensor in the future and that it will eventually be offered on their mid-range models as well.

According to DJ Koh, the president of Samsung’s mobile division, they are hoping that this will help improve Android’s safety image. We do not know when Samsung will start offering their iris scanner on their mid-rangers but some fans are hoping the next Samsung Galaxy A8 might come with the new Iris Scanner.

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