2017 Nissan Leaf Will Need Gas?

We are still waiting for Nissan to fit the Nissan Leaf with a bigger battery back so that it can offer a longer range but so far, we have not seen anything from Nissan just yet and some people think that we might have the answer why.

Nissan has just announced their new e-Power powertrain and some people believe that Nissan might be waiting for the new engine to be ready before they start upgrading the Nissan Leaf.

However, it that is the case, the upcoming Nissan Leaf will need gas to function. That is because the new e-Power engine will come with a small 1.2 liter inline 3 gasoline engine. The sole purpose of the electric engine is to generate electric for the battery pack.

With the gasoline engine, the vehicle will not need to be plug-in to get charged up. For now, the new Nissan e-Power hybrid powertrain will be fitted onto the Nissan Note e-Power model. As for whether it will be coming to the Nissan Leaf or not is a whole other story.

Steven Estevez

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