2017 Nissan Leaf: How Much Gas Do You Need?

Well, the answer for the current model is zero but some people believe that the next Nissan Leaf will need some gas to run.

While we still do not know when Nissan plans to give the Nissan Leaf a real upgrade, we know that they are currently working on a new hybrid engine called the e-Power. Unlike the electric engine that the Nissan Leaf is running on right now, the new e-Power engine will come with a 1.2 liter inline 3 gasoline engine.

The engine’s only task is to generate power for the electric engine. Users will not have to charge it. Nissan also added that the new engine will be as fuel efficient as the Prius engine.

While they did say that the engine was going to be powering the new Nissan Note e-Power, some people believe that the Nissan Leaf might also be getting the engine in the future. What do you think?

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