2017 Nissan LEAF Going The Distance With A Plug

We all have been waiting for Nissan to upgrade the Nissan Leaf and it looks like it might happening soon although the Nissan Leaf that we will be getting next year might not be the Nissan Leaf that we have all come to know and love.

According to the latest report by Automotive News, the Nissan Leaf might be able to offer more range but not because it will be getting a larger battery pack but because it might be gone from being an EV to being a Plug-in Hybrid model.

It is believed that by turning the Leaf into a plug-in hybrid, Nissan will be able to offer their customers more range and also cut the production cost which means we might see it coming with a smaller price tag this time around.

They also added that the Nissan Leaf will be fitted with a new single-lane self-driving steering feature. The new Nissan Leaf should be making its debut early 2017.

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