2017 Mercedes GLE-Class vs BMW X5: Newer, But Better?

The 2017 Mercedes GLE-Class name might be new but the fact is that it is actually the M-Class model which was released back in 2012. However, Mercedes did make a few changes to the engine and exterior on the 2017 model. The 2017 BMW X5, on the other hand, is the continuation of the 2014 model.

While both the Mercedes GLE-Class and the BMW X5 looked stunning, some people think that the Mercedes GLE-Class with its new facelift might have the advantage here but the BMW X5 makes up for it with their turbo engine line-up as well as the eight-speed auto transmission. The GLE-Class comes with a 3.5 liter V6 engine that will be mated to a seven-speed auto transmission.

In terms of ride quality, most people will give it to the GLE-Class model. They steel-spring suspension and dampers seem to be doing a great job at keeping the ride smooth and comfortable while the BMW X5 is sometimes described as being a little bumpy.

If you had to pick, which model do you think is better?

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