2017 Mercedes Benz E-Class vs Tesla Model S: Who’s Pilot Can You Trust

Tesla’s Autopilot system have been under a lot of heat after it was listed as the cause of a few crashes and accidents while we have not heard of any complaints about the Drive Pilot by Mercedes. Does this mean that Mercedes has a better autopilot system to offer?

Well, some people have tried out the Mercedes-Benz E-Class Drive Pilot and reported that while the system does a great job at following the vehicle in front, it sometimes does it too well. Some drivers reported that the system will do whatever it can to follow the vehicle putting the driver in danger at times. This seems to happen when the road has faded or no lane marking as the system only has the car in the front to work with.

Some users also reported that the Mercedes Lane Keep Assist system seems to have issues keeping to the lane especially on turns.

So it looks like Tesla is not the only one that has to work on getting their autopilot system working right.

Steven Estevez

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