2017 Mazda CX-5 2.5 T: Keep On Dreaming

When Mazda reveal their new engine for the Mazda CX-9, there were speculation about the Mazda CX-5 possibly getting the engine and that Mazda has plans to offer their customers a more powerful version of the vehicle but instead of that, we got a diesel engine. Not that that is bad but it wasn’t the powerhouse that we were expecting from Mazda.

The concept you see here was design by artist X-Tomi. Called the Mazda CX-5 MPS, the artist envisions that this will be the design that Mazda will be adopting if they decided to offer us a Mazda CX-5 with a 2.5-liter engine.

Of course, there is no way we will ever see this on the road but we can’t help but feel like we have been shortchanged by Mazda especially after seeing how good looking the vehicle can be.

Would a vehicle like this appeal to you?

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