2017 Mazda 6 Will Pay The Same Price As Ford

Ford definitely learns their lesson when it comes to offering their customers an infotainment system that is not up to standard but it looks like Mazda did not learn from their mistake as they might be heading down the same path right now.

Before the Sync 3 infotainment system, Ford offered their customers the MyFord Touch system and their customers were not happy with it. A lot of customers reported that the system was complicated and very frustrating to use. In fact, a lot of people did actually avoid getting Ford models because they couldn’t stand the MyFord Touch. Ford have since ditched the MyFord Touch for the new Sync 3 and their customers couldn’t be happier.

While the Mazda infotainment was never as bad as the MyFord Touch, they seem to be ignoring the fact that their customers actually wants to have the Android Auto and Apple Carplay support in their Mazda.

Mazda does not seem to have any plans to start offering those two support anytime soon we think this is going to hurt them in a long run.

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