2017 Mazda 6: Repeating Ford’s Mistake

Ford made a huge mistake when they thought that their consumers would accept their bad infotainment system as long as the specs of the vehicle were alright but their terrible MyFord Touch system did chase away a lot of their customers. People just had enough of the system and many of them turned their backs from Ford because of the MyFord Touch. Ford soon realize their mistake and release the new Sync 3 infotainment system.

Although the infotainment system that Mazda has right now is nowhere near as bad as the MyFord Touch, its missing features has led to many consumers saying that they feel that the Mazda 6 is old and dated because Mazda has once again decided to not offer the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support on their Mazda model.

While not everybody will be using it, the support is such a common feature that the vehicle will feel dated if it does not come with one.

Maybe Mazda should rethink their strategy and consider offering the support.

Steven Estevez

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