2017 Mazda 3 Style Showed Off In Japan

The current Mazda 3 exterior design was based on the Mazda Axela that Mazda released in Japan so it would not be a surprise if the next Mazda 3 would follow the design direction of the Mazda Axela as well.

If that is the case, we might already have an idea of how the Mazda 3 will look like when it arrives. The brochure for the Mazda Axela was leaked online. Based on the new brochure, it is clear that the Mazda Axela was given a few exterior upgrades including a new grille as well as new headlights and upgraded bumper design.

The Mazda Axela was also fitted with a set of turning lights. The Mazda 3 will most like be coming in with the same design.

There is still very little detail about the upcoming Mazda 3 but what we do know is that as usual, Mazda will deliver in terms of design and looks.

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