2017 Mazda 3 New Design Decided

The current Mazda 3 got its design from the Mazda Axela so it is safe to say that the upcoming updated Mazda 3 will also be fitted with the same design as the Mazda Axela.

If that is the case, we might have already seen how the upcoming Mazda 3 will look like. A brochure of the new Mazda Axela was leaked online giving us all a glimpse at what Mazda have been working on.

The Mazda Axela in the brochure was fitted with a new grille. Mazda also seems to have made some changes to the headlight and bumper of the Mazda Axela. It was also fitted with a set of turning lights.

The brochure also reveals that the Mazda Axela will be powered by a 2.2-liter twin turbo diesel engine. Images of the interior showed the new electric parking brake as well as the new steering wheel.

We would actually be pretty pleased if the Mazda 3 does end up looking like this.

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