2017 Mazda 3 Design Mystery Solved

It looks like subtle this way to go this year as Mazda unveil the upcoming Mazda 3 in Japan.

We’ve already seen the leaked brochures not too long ago and now we get to see how the new Mazda Axela will officially look like. The Mazda Axela is the Japan version of the Mazda 3 that we are all familiar with.

From what we can see, Mazda’s aim is to give the Mazda Axela just the right amount of upgrade so that it looks fresher but nothing too major. They update the front grille as well as the bumpers on the Mazda Axela. The vehicle was also fitted with a new set of headlights and taillights.

Mazda also added that the 2017 model will come with a few new upgrades system including the new Natural Sound Frequency control for the diesel powered model as well as a Natural Sound Smoother.

On the inside, the Maza Axela will be getting an Active Driving Display. Features like the new Adaptive LED Headlight will also be offered as an optional feature this time around.

We should be seeing the Mazda 3 with a similar upgrade arriving later this year.

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