2017 Kia Rio Dropping The Cute Act

We liked what Kia had to offer on the Kia Rio but it looks like they are ready to let the Kia Rio grow up. Kia has just released the official images of the Kia Rio and it is clear that the 2017 is looking a lot meaner and more matured now.

The headlights are slimmer now giving the Kia Rio a more aggressive face. It also comes with a longer and wider body now and is also lower than the previous model. All of these upgrades help made the Kia Rio look a little more grown up now.

While we liked what they did to the outside, we are not a fan of the floating infotainment system that the Kia Rio has on the inside. We know that automaker like Honda is also using a similar design for their Honda Civic but we feel that the display sticking out like that is just plain ugly.

More details about the Kia Rio should be announced at the upcoming Paris Motor Show happening this month.


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