2017 Jeep Wrangler: Going Out With A Bang

We know that Jeep is working on the all-new Jeep Wrangler right now and that also means that the end is almost over for the current Jeep Wrangler but Jeep is not just going to send it away without you noticing.

It has been reported that Jeep might be working on a few limited edition model for the current Jeep Wrangler so that it can go out with a bang. We do not know what they are working on but according to Automotive News, there is going to be a Wrangler Sport Freedom and Sahara Winter edition that Jeep will be offering in December.

The Sport Freedom edition will come with a distinctive Freedom Star hood and rear fender decals, the driver’s side front fender, on the other hand, will get an American Flag decal along with an 18INCH granite crystal wheel. The Sahara Winter edition, on the other hand, will come with rock rails, full LED lighting, remote start, standard hardtop, decals and more.

It is believe that Jeep has more planned for next year as well.

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