2017 Jeep Renegade: Size Does Matter

When Jeep first announce that they were going to release a small Jeep model called the Renegade, everybody thought that Jeep has lost their mind but the Jeep Renegade did a lot better than what was expected of it and maybe Jeep is now more convince that going small is the way to go.

Mike Manley was at the Paris Auto Show when he told Autocar that a smaller sun 4-meter model is a viable segment for them in the future which means an even smaller Jeep could be on the table.

The new Jeep will be coming in to sit below the Jeep Renegade and since it is still a Jeep, we are expecting it to come with all of the off-road features that the other Jeep has.

As for when it will be arriving, Manley added that the will have to go trough all the planning and process first so it looks like it might be years before we actually get to see the mini Jeep Renegade.

Steven Estevez

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