2017 Jeep Compatriot Would Have Cherokee Worried

We already knew that Jeep is working on a new model that will come in to replace the Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot that they killed off. Nobody knows that they are going to call it but it has been nicknamed the Compatriot for now. The name might still be a mystery but the design might not be anymore.

The people at Autoo.com.br has just released an image of what they believe is the Jeep Compatriot online. The vehicle was spotted in Brazil and just like what many believe. The Jeep Compatriot looks like the mini version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

If this is the real deal, where does this leave the Jeep Cherokee? There were already talks about the Jeep Compatriot affected the sales of the Cherokee and if it does come looking like that, we might actually see that happening.

The new Jeep Comparison should be making its US later this year at the LA Auto Show before being released early next year.

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