2017 Honda Ridgeline: Rivals Looking Stiff In Comparison

Here is the thing, the Honda Ridgeline is not the toughest truck in the market or the most powerful truck out there but that does not mean that there is no place for the Ridgeline in the market right now.

What Honda is offering that their rivals are not is versatility? While it is nice to have a truck that can basically drive you anywhere, the fact is that not many of us really needs a truck to go off-road. More often than not, people need to truck to help them carry huge items around town and that is where the Honda Ridgeline comes in.

It does not have the biggest truck bed but the truck bed comes jam packed with new features and tech to make sure their customers are able to make full use of it. Pair that up with the reliability of Honda and we have one desirable truck.

Looking at how versatile the Honda Ridgeline is, their rivals are really starting to look a little boring and stiff.

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