2017 Honda Ridgeline Owner Feeling Sour

The Honda Ridgeline was one of the most anticipated trucks this year. While some people don’t really feel like it is a real truck, it is and it does make a perfect daily vehicle for those living in the city and is in need of a vehicle with a huge storage area.

As good as it sounds, one Honda Ridgeline owner does not seem to be too pleased with the Honda Ridgeline that he got. He posted a video on Reddit ranting about how bad the quality of the Honda Ridgeline is.

He pointed out some of the obvious gap and issues that he has with the Ridgeline and the worst part of it all was that the dealer does not seem to be interested in helping him out. You can check out his full video below.

What we want to know is if this is just a case of being unlucky or is the other Ridgeline that poorly made as well?

Steven Estevez

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