2017 Honda Pilot Will Be Looking Into A Mirror

Since the Honda Pilot was just given a huge makeover not too long ago, we are not expecting Honda to offer much on the 2017 model.

In terms of exterior design, the 2017 Honda Pilot will most likely look identical to the current model although some believe Honda will be offering a few new color options this time around. While the outside will look the same, it is believed that the interior will be given a slight makeover.

Honda’s goal will be to increase the interior space of the Honda Pilot so that their customers will have more wiggle room. Another update that their customers are hoping would happen is the addition o f the blind-spot system. The system is offered on the current Pilot but only on the Elite model.

The 2017 model should also weight less now that Honda has chosen to use some lighter materials to build the Honda Pilot.

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