2017 Honda Pilot: There Is Still Room For Improvement

The Honda Pilot was amazing but Honda thinks that there are more they can do with it. That was probably why they decided to give the 2017 Honda Pilot and interior makeover along with some other upgrades but the fans are now saying that there are more that Honda should have done.

One of the major upgrades that Honda did with the Honda Pilot was to give it an interior makeover. The previous interior was not bad but the older design took up a lot of interior space and Honda wants to make sure the 2017 models has more space to offer.

They will also be replacing some parts with aluminium parts which mean the 2017 model will be slightly lighter. Some fans were hoping that the Elite model will get the six-speed transmission after the upgrade but that did not happen.

The exterior will remain the same for 2017 and so will the measurements of the Honda Pilot.

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