2017 Honda Pilot One Upgrade Forgotten?

We know that Honda will be giving the 2017 Honda Pilot an upgrade. Despite all the upgrades that the Honda Pilot will be getting, it seems like their customers think that they might have missed out on one important upgrade.

We know that the 2017 Honda Pilot will be keeping its exterior design since the design is still pretty new. Other than the design, the measurement of the Honda Pilot will also remain the game for 2017. However, things start to look a lot different on the inside.

After getting some feedbacks from their customers, Honda decided that they needed to give the Honda Pilot a little more interior space. For the 2017 model, Honda will be redesigning the interior so that their customers will have more interior space to work with. Honda will also be shaving some extra pounds off the people hauler.

Some fans were hoping that the Honda would also offer the six-speed transmission option on the Elite model but it looks like that might not be happening after all.

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