2017 Honda Pilot: No Near & Yet So Far

The 2017 Honda Pilot came close to being the perfect model but a few forgotten upgrades meant that there are some people that are still not satisfied with what Honda has to offer on their Honda Pilot right now.

One of the main issue that people had with the 2016 model was that the interior is a lot smaller than expected. From the outside, the Honda Pilot looks huge but that is not reflected on the inside. To fix that, Honda gave the 2017 model an interior upgrade to make sure that the 2017 is a lot more spacious now.

They also replace some parts with new aluminum parts so the 2017 model is actually lighter. That should help reduce the fuel economy and improve the performance of the Honda Pilot. Some fans were also hoping that the 2017 Elite model would come with a six-speed transmission option. Unfortunately, Honda still thinks that that is not necessary.

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