2017 Honda Pilot: Keeping The Good & Ditching The Bad

The Honda Pilot new design was very well received by the consumer and since it is still pretty new, we can see why Honda wants to keep it around for a little longer. Eevn though the 2017 Honda Pilot will be getting an upgrade, the exterior and the measurements of the vehicle will remain the same.

One of the biggest upgrades that the Honda Pilot will be receiving is an interior makeover. Honda will be redesigning the interior so that it will have more interior space. A cramp interior was one of the biggest issues their customers seems to have with the Honda Pilot.

Besides getting an interior makeover, the Honda Pilot will also be shedding some extra pounds. The 2017 model will be getting some lighter parts made from lighter materials. Hopefully this will also help improve the performance and fuel economy of the Honda Pilot.

Steven Estevez

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